Manuscript editing is similar to technical editing in the sense that it requires expert skills to know what and how to edit. Many academics believe that they are qualified to edit their own work – and they are in a sense. They’re qualified to edit the content, but when it comes to the syntax, formatting, and general grammar, it takes an expert who’s been through what their going through to know how best to improve your manuscript.

Below we’ll outline the four steps we take to ensure your manuscript is returned not only error-free, but in a much-improved state. The following applies to our Ultimate Service package, which starts at $15 per 325 words.

1- Review and Evaluate:

We do things a bit differently here at Proofreading Manuscripts. Our first step is reading through your paper to determine which group of editors would best suit your document. Then we further determine whether an ESL editor or a standard English editor would be best suited to refine your document. If your document requires an editor familiar with a specific topic or discipline, we accommodate that at this stage too.


2- Editor Assigned and Verification

Our goal is to ensure that your editor is not only capable, but also comfortable editing your document. At this stage they read over your document and verify they are able to edit it. If there are any extras options selected, such as Citation Correction or Formatting, we verify this will be corrected too.


3- Second Read and Edit

At this stage your editor is ready and familiar with your document. They have a rough idea in their head of any substantial changes that are required and will enact those changes while going through your document. During their second pass, editing has already begun, and changes are being made. All changes are made in Microsoft Word using Track Changes. This allows you to see each change and comment. You have the option of accepting/rejecting each change individually or all at once. We also send you a clean version of your document with all changes accepted and no comments.


4- Final Read and Check

By this time your editor has already gone over your document at least three times. They are now reading it again to ensure everything has been corrected. Spelling, grammar, word choice, consistency, flow and style are all being checked again. Your editor is also adding any final guiding comments to your document. Should there be any input required from you, you’ll be notified via email, however, editors are typically able to complete each task without additional client input.


These are the four steps that we believe make our Ultimate Service editing stand out from the rest! It goes without saying that we’re available via live chat and email 24/7 and our service is available year-round.


Should you require a custom order or want to chat with us about your manuscript, click on our live chat at the bottom right corner of your screen to speak with one of our friendly staff.