Choosing a topic for your essay isn’t always easy. You often have to pick a topic from a list that your teacher assigns, or you may have literary boundaries to follow. Essay writing can be difficult if you choose a topic that is unfamiliar to you, or that you don’t fully understand. However, you may not totally understand every topic just by looking at it, but it’s important to choose something that seems like you would enjoy writing about it or that you are somewhat familiar with.

A good essay will not only be enjoyable and informative for the reader, but also be fun to write. Most essay types will fall under a few broad categories, namely being argumentative essay topics, narrative, expository, and descriptive. You may have learned how to write on some of these topics during your time in public school, but your professor should give you some guidance either while giving out the essay instructions, or posted to your online blackboard.

Choosing topics to write about for a college essay

Generally speaking, an amazing college essay topic will be something that is relevant and interesting to read. Think about your reader’s point of view. Do you think your reader is interested in some boring and mundane essay topic? No! That’s why it’s always a good idea to come up with a topic that you think would WOW your reader, or at least be relatable and interesting to read. No one wants to read 3000 words of mundane writing that will put them to sleep. Most teaching assistants and professors have read countless dense papers, and they’ll likely read many more. So try to make YOUR paper standout. What you should try to do is think about what they have likely read and try to differentiate your essay topic from those of your peers. Maybe ask some of your peers where their essays are heading so you can get an idea. Make use of online blackboards or message boards to ensure you are aware of what’s going on in class.



Good topics to write an essay on

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to predict what a good topic will be until you get into researching and writing about the topic. However, some tricks you can use to choose a good topic include: finding a topic that seems interesting or relevant to modern day life. And similar to having someone else edit your essay, you may also want to run some ideas about essays past your friends or your teaching assistant. They’ll be able to see things you can’t, or potentially suggest ways to improve your essay topic.

Choosing topics to write an argumentative essay on

An argumentative topic can be something that interests you, such as an idea that relates to the struggles you’re going though as a student in college. An example is: Should a college education be a requirement for getting a job? Other essay topic ideas can be found by reading the newspaper and seeing what a recent contentious issue might be. Find something you’re passionate about, whether it be about your health, getting a good education, or your social life – you can usually find something to argue about or you can ask your friends for ideas. Finding a topic that seems like it would be fun to research and argue a point on is a good predictor of Many of them may have written argumentative essays before and may know some tricks about coming up with a topic that’s not just easy to write about, but that has a lot of relevant material available.

Choosing topics to write a persuasive essay

The way you should think about a great persuasive essay topic is that they are similar to an argumentative topic, but you’ll be trying to convince your reader about something. Topics usually follow the formula: “something about society/topic that is common” + “some people disagree with this and believe that instead x should happen/it should be this way.” This is a common formula for coming up with a persuasive essay topic. An example of a topic that follows this framework is: Most people believe that cellphones benefit society, but parents often believe that they do not belong in the hands of anyone under 21. This topic is relevant to our society, it’s somewhat interesting and most of you should be able to relate to this topic. See, it’s not that difficult to come up with a persuasive essay topic that would likely be easy to write about and have much written on the topic, allowing you to easily find reliable sources.


By now you should have a solid grasp of a few different essay topic types and how you can come up with an awesome topic that’s sure to WOW your reader! And once you’re finished your rough draft or outline, have one of our expert essay editors review your work to not only fix your grammar, but provide you with helpful comments on improving your paper.