Our Experts. Your Document.

Our goal is to redesign how conventional editing and proofreading is done. We’ve rewritten the rules and have a unique approach to helping you achieve your goals.

Our unique four-step process allows us to provide you with fast, affordable and accurate editing by a subject-expert who knows how to refine your documents.

We do more than just proofread – we edit your work until it reads perfectly! We are the only proofreading and editing service that will EDIT your manuscript to correct your spelling, grammar, word choice, flow, consistency, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and punctuation. Editors will also provide comments to guide you through any necessary improvements.

Whether you have a short or long document, our family of editors will take care of your every need.

Ultimate Package: Your manuscript will be meticulously proofread and edited thoroughly by a professional editor that is familiar with your subject matter. Comments, critiques and helpful edits will be made to ensure your manuscript is as close to ready as possible. All spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, style, and consistency issues will be identified and fixed for you.


ultimate level proofreading example


Standard Editing: Your editor will review your document to find and fix all common grammar issues. This option is perfect for writers who need a good solution to finalize their manuscript.


standard editing example

Proofreading: Our standard proofreading will remedy your basic spelling and grammar issues.


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